Myitkyina (Myit-Kyi-Na)

Myitkyina is the capital of the Kachin State in Myanmar (Burma). It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon(Rangoon), 487 miles from Mandalay, and 26 miles south of "Myit Sone", the confluence of MaiKha and MaliKha Streams.

Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy), the most useful river in Burma has its source from "Myit Sone", and flows 1325 miles from north to south of Burma. The water over here is crystal clear.

Burma's highest snow-capped mountain Khakabo Razi (5881 m) lies in the Putao town, a half hour's flight from Myitkyina.

About 148 km west of Myitkyina, there is a place called "Hpa Kant", which is home to the best jade mines in the world .

Myitkyina and its environs, long-forbidden to foreigners, have recently become newly emerged destinations for international travelers, meaning the whole region with its different indigenous ethnic nationals, and their cultures remain unspoiled, exotic and original.

People can travel to Myitkyina by two and half hour flight from Yangon (via Mandalay) or 24-26 hours by train from Mandalay.

Small, but Diverse and Strong

Although Myitkyina is a small town, it is ethnically diverse. There are different kinds of people: Kachin, Ba Mar, Shan, Li Shu, Chinese, Indian, and others.

People are friendly, and kind. They are living peacefully while exercising their own religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. There are churches, pagodas, and monasteries at many places.

Basically, people open small shops for living. However, jade mining is always a very attractive business for many people. Obviously, many people go to 'Hpa Kant' to do jade business hoping they will get rich quickly. Actually, there are a few people became very rich with jade business. For others, they always have hope.

Recently, discovery of gold near the confluence, Myit Sone, has changed Myitkyina. Not only many local people are flocking to gold mines but also many Chinese businessmen from China, which has border with northern Burma, are pouring into Myitkyina. Therefore, Myitkyina is filled with many new guests who see the opportunities. The effect of the 'gold rush' is that local businesses are getting better than before.

The appearance of private banks, Asia Wealth Bank(AWB), Kan Baw Za Bank (KBZ), and May Flower Bank, in recent years shows the growth of Myitkyina's economy.

Latest Development (Dec, 2003)

Until a couple years ago, it was not easy going to China from Myitkyina by car due to the road condition. Although Myitkyina is pretty close to the border area of China, southwest area of Yunnan province in China, most businessmen from Myanmar have used different route, roads in Shan State, cross the border and go into Yunnan, and huge volume of China products flow into Myanmar from Shan State.

The situation has totally changed these days in Myitkyina. There is a bus station in downtown Myitkyina and many vans(they are called station wagons in US) are sending passengers to the border of China back and forth everyday.
The cost of renting a van from Myitkyina to Lisar, the area close to the border of Yunnan is 35,000 Kyats, and 6000 Kyats for each passenger.

It is learnt that it will take only 4-5 hours to border of China when a new road, which is being built and expects to be finished in 2004, is open.

No wonder, there is sign of large amount of China products is rolling into Myitkyina. Today, many roadside sellers, who sell China products, can be seen in many places around the Myitkyina main market. It is said today's China products have better quality, modern designs, and good prices. Finally, folks in Myitkyina are enjoying using China products.


Two highways linking China with Myanmar to open to traffic

February 11, 2005

Two high-grade highways linking China and Myanmar will open in the next two years, according to the local commerce department of southwest China's Yunnan Province.

The highway linking Tengchong in Yunnan with Myitkyina, Myanmar, will be finished by the end of this year, at a cost of 180 million yuan.

Another highway, linking Zhangfeng to Bhamo, Myanmar, will be open to traffic by 2006, said an official with the department. It will cost 28 million yuan.

The construction of the both highways started in the second half of 2004.

The official said the reconstruction of the two highways will be "conducive to regional economic cooperation and exchange" and help economic development.

Source: Xinhua

Brief Info of Myitkyina


approx. 2510 square miles



Male: 77,039 Female: 69,505


Kachin (majority), Li Shu, Ba Mar,
Shan, Chinese, Indian, and others.

Official Language

(Jinghpaw is also widely used)

Total Townships


Original 18 Townships

1. Thida 2. Aye Yar 3. Myo Ma 4. Min
Yat 5. N. Shan Su 6. S. Shan Su
7. Kachin Su 8. Kyun Pin Tha 9. Aye Zay Di 10. Shwe Nyan Pin 11.
Du Ka Taung 12. Yan Gyi Aung
13. Myay Myint 14. Yu Za Na 15.
Myot Thit 16. Aung Nan 17. Kay
Mar Thiri

New Added Townships

18. Shwe Set 19. Man Kean 20. Si
Tar Pu 21. Tart Gong 22. A Lae
Gong 23. Rum Bu 24. Myo Thit
Kyi 25. Nan Gwayt


Myanmar Country Code: 95
Myitkyina Area Code: 074
Call to Myitkyina: (95) 74 -phone number


1 US dollar = 940 Kyats
(November, 2004)

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